Trauma Counseling

Trauma focused therapy recognizes and understands how a traumatic experience impacts one’s mental, behavioral, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. With many years of experience in this specific space, I am sensitive to the complex needs of trauma survivors, as well as possesses the empathy and familiarity to provide evidence-based, compassionate treatment. So much of our present-day functioning is rooted in past traumas and I am here to help you navigate those experiences and create a healthier, more adaptive narrative. My niche specialty is in treating survivors of sexual abuse.


Wellness & Empowerment

I work alongside you to encourage and empower a narrative that is consistent with your purpose and authentic self. I work with individuals to develop inner resilience and trust, as well as find balance and achieve optimal emotional and physical wellness. I specialize in women’s issues including but not limited to body image, self-esteem, relationships and life transitions. I am particularly passionate about working with young girls to become empowered in their own lives and to develop healthy, strong identities that are built on a foundation of kindness and vulnerability.