Rising Roots works with individuals across the lifespan who seek to overcome obstacles and increase life satisfaction. Years of experience have taught Ilissa that treatment must be tailored to the individual and that the match between a therapist and client are essential for success. Ilissa blends a combination of approaches to best help you achieve your desired goals, build strong coping skills, heal emotional and physical pains, and find balance and peace.

You are the expert of your own life and Ilissa relies upon your insights, individualized needs, and strengths in order to collaboratively customize your treatment plan and help facilitate growth.

Couples & Families

Relationships can be our greatest source of joy, as well as our greatest source of pain. Many times, the individual issues or challenges we face impact our ability to engage in healthy and meaningful relationships whether it be in a partnership, or within our family system. This modality of therapy encourages you to examine patterns of functioning, develop healthy forms of communication, and use the relationship(s) as a conduit for healing and growth.


Healing does not occur in isolation. Group therapy can often be an effective and profound addition to one’s journey. Groups are a safe space to normalize struggles, enable connection, and provide opportunities to gain new and unique perspectives.

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Suggestions or requests for specific group topics are always welcome!