Rising Roots: More Than Just a Fresh Coat of Paint


Authenticity is knowing who you are and being brave enough to manifest and live that truth.

As part of my own journey to live authentically and vulnerably, I have decided to rebrand my practice and truly connect with what I do and what I stand for. Hence, the birth of Rising Roots Counseling & Wellness! 

I have always been and will always be a traditional psychotherapist; it’s in my core. Through my own personal and professional journey, I have realized that I am – that we all are—so much more than one thing. In addition to being a therapist, my passion for holistic wellness expands far beyond my own daily life and into my practice. Whether it is meditation, loving self-care, or working with other holistic professionals, I practice what I preach. 

RRCW is the marriage of my passion for empowering others to be their best selves, with my own expertise and experience in the space of therapy and wellness. I believe that we must treat the whole person and individualize treatment to focus on one’s strengths, assets, and capacity for growth.  RRCW is sensitive to and respectful of the fact that this does not look the same for everyone. Rising Roots will integrate traditional therapy with workshops, groups, and collaboration with other wellness experts. We will be on a journey together to break down barriers, navigate challenges, and facilitate growth and change. RRCW is built on the foundation of creating genuine connections and truly making you the expert of your own life.

Welcome along for the ride!

Health & Healing,